Maybe Die is a documentary film self-produced by Walden Studio and The Roosters, with a total budget that did not reach 5,000 €. It is indeed the debut of its director Aitor Saavedra, who also filmed and edited the documentary.

Maybe Die was filmed in May 2016 in Japan. It follows The Roosters (Nacho, Mario, Carlos, Delvis and Jaime) along their fixed gear and unassisted trip through Japan. From Niigata in the north of the country to the crater of Mount Aso, in the Kumamoto Prefecture, one of the most active volcanoes in the Japanese archipelago.
The route, more than 1,400 kilometers along 16 stages, would lead them to cross most of the impressive Japanese geography: from the immense rice fields of the north to the imposing Japanese Alps. Moving from remote villages between cloudy mountains like Shirakawa-go, to futuristic cities like Osaka or Kyoto where the most avant-garde Japan blends with the centennial Japanese holy tradition.
Discovering the quiet island of Shinjiku or finding the treasures hidden in Dreamland were some of the surprises that the route kept. But none as large as the one awaiting on the summit of Mount Aso.

The team was completed by the photographer Lino Escuris, who besides being in charge of the still photography turned out to be a magnificent first ranger. And Miguel Gatóo, expert bike adventurer who this time acted as driver, team manager and spiritual healer.

Photography by Mario Cranks

Aitor, Miguel, Carlos, Nacho and Delvis resting at a baseball court near Itoigawa. Baseball courts turned to be one of the best places to camp.




Junpei, Carlos, Mario and Jaime at our favorite spot in Shibuya, Tokyo. The place where it all started.












Photography by Mario Cranks

Yuya and Jaime riding by the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo.                                                  Junpei and Mario, riding near W-Base, a local bicycle store.


MaybeDie_TheRoosters_Tokyo1                      MaybeDie_TheRoosters_Car

Girls riding in Osaka.                                                                  Lino, Miguel and our Toyota Probox in Osaka. This car was our mobile fortress.

851208 copia851320 copia

Snacks everywhere. Even in the middle of nowhere.                                                       Snacks, snacks, snacks…

851216 copia 851409 copia TheRoosters_japan-8996

Delvis in Tokyo, Mario in Fushimi Inari-taisha and Jaime entering the Japanese Alps.

TheRoosters_japan-8671            851519 copia

First camp of the whole trip at Niigata. This night we slept 2 hours.                                A nap near Kashiwazaki.

TheRoosters_japan-9024 851314 copia 851220 copia

Not every night was a camping night. Sometimes we spent the night indoors, like in this Ryokan at Gujo. Or this huge building in Tokyo.


Rice fields near Namerikawa. Behind you can see the Japanese Alps, our next stop.


Roosters_impresion-4625             Roosters_impresion-1025

The Roosters riding ahead.                                                                                                Aitor filming The Roosters near Iyo.

TheRoosters_japan-9254             TheRoosters_japan-9298

The gates of Dreamland, one the most crazy parts of the trip.                                         Nacho riding in Dreamland.

851435 copia


Carlos with Ran-chan and Dori-chan, the Dreamland mascots.

Some months after we return Spain, we heard that Nara Dreamland was closed for good and demolished.











TheRoosters_japan-9094             TheRoosters_japan-8872

Some police issues near Kyoto. If you ride in Japan you will need brakes.                      Delvis and Carlos resting by the river near Toyama.


851420 copia             851417 copia

One of the many level crossings in Kyoto.                                                                       Nacho, Carlos, Lino and Mario riding Kyoto near some scholars.


Roosters_impresion-0629851525 copia

The Roosters climbing the first big leap.                                                                          The wild Delvis in the woods of Itoigawa.


This downhill near Niihama was another highlight of the trip. Perfect light, perfect temperature and perfect road.


851217 copia    851509 copia    851508 copia

Seki, Junpei and Kenny. Part of our Japanese family (we miss you guys!)


851203 copia             851205 copia

The ferry that connects Yawatahama with Beppu made us get up at 4:00 a.m.               Breakfast at the ferry.

851221 copia             851223 copia

Lino and Delvis enjoying some local food.                                                                         Yuki and her favorite wasabi makis.



The Roosters entering the Japanese Alps. One of the most beautiful stages of the journey.


Roosters_impresion-4328             Roosters_impresion-5342

Riding under the rain near Toyama.                                                                                   Leaving behind Shirakawa-go

Roosters_impresion-5275             Roosters_impresion-4875

The quiet and silence of Shinjiku.                                                                                      Through the rice fields of Kumamoto.


TheRoosters_japan-9892Climbing Mount Aso.



7km to the crater of Mount Aso.


Photos by Aitor Saavedra, Lino Escuris and Mario Cranks